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WHITE-RED-BLUE LED interior Footwell ambient lamp upgrade for Range Rover Velar (2pc)

Part number: LLM566-WRB-PAIR
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2x LED Interior Footwell Light Modules

Bright WHITE with WHITE, BLUE or RED ambient

for Range Rover Velar

This is a pair of 'configurable' interior LED footwell lights for the Range Rover Velar.

These modules shine bright white with the doors open to give you maximum visibility - then fade to an ambient dim light with the doors closed which you can set the colour of.

Using the jumper pin on the back of the unit you can set the dim ambient light be White, Blue or Red!

We developed these lights to give you the ability to set the ambient colour you want and the flexibility to change it at a later date!

Note: you will need to ensure you have 3 wires to the connector for the positive / negative / signal. These will not go to the correct colour if you only have the 2 wires.

These are a straight "plug and play" swap for the standard units and give no error messages.

These modules are used in the front footwells of the Range Rover Velar and make a really nice upgrade from the standard white lights.

NOTE :- Some models of the Velar have ambient lighting in the footwell from fractory - these modules are not compatible with factory colour changing footwell lights.

Note: Autobiography models also have 2 extra light modules under the front seats to give ambient lighting in the rear footwells - you will need to buy an extra set if you have rear footwell lighting.

One more thing to note - from 2018-onwards the front footwell lights can change colour remotely with the interior ambient lighting control, so although these will fit, you'll lose the ability to change colour via the infotainment system if fitting to a 2018 model or newer.

It is important to note that these units have been designed to "fade" like the original lights when you start the car like the original lights ( some LED versions cannot fade - they just flicker or go from ON to OFF )

We also sell these in All White, All Blue, or 'Fixed' Dual Colour - see our other listing to purchase these.

Be sure to check out our FULL LED lighting kits which includes front footwell lights, door lights and boot lights - see item LLK129 to purchase this.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting Details

See below demo video

3in1 ambient light colour footwell lights demo

See below fitting video - this shows our dual colour 'fixed' lights but the fitting process is the same.

Dual colour LED Interior footwell Lights for Range Rover Sport L494 / Vogue L405

Which vehicles will this fit?

This item WILL fit all Range Rover Velar models (although you will lose ability to change colour via the infotainment system in the footwells for the newer models).