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White LED Interior Light kit for Range Rover L405

Part number: LLK129-White-KIT
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LED Interior Lighting Upgrade Kit

Cool White

for Range Rover L405

This is a cool white interior LED upgrade light kit for the Range Rover L405.

This kit will upgrade the standard lights in your doors, front footwells and boot.

Included in this kit is:

  • 4 x WHITE Door card welcome lights, Front & Rear (these are a BIG upgrade from the standard incandescent lights)
  • 2 x WHITE front footwell lights - these give you a brightness upgrade to the standard LEDs
  • 3 x WHITE boot lights - these give you a brightness upgrade to the standard LEDs
  • Free fitting tool to make removing existing lights easier!

NOTE: If you have an Autobiography model you can purchase an extra pair of lights for the rear seats (only Autobiography models have this) - see our part number LLM566 PAIR.

All of the standard interior lights on the Range Rover are LED except the doors (it's like they forgot them!)

So, this kit will give you a BIG upgrade to the standard incandescent door lights!

We also include improved and brighter LED lights for the front footwells and boot, our LED modules have 18 LEDs as opposed to 3 on the standard modules!

The upgraded boot LEDs really improve visibility in the dark! You can see what a difference this makes in our video below.

Note - from 2018 -2022 the front footwell lights can change colour with the interior ambient lighting control, meaning the connection of the light differs so these lights will NOT fit.

These are a straight "plug and play" swap for the standard units.

It is important to note that these units have been designed to "fade" like the original lights when you start the car like the original lights (some LED versions cannot fade - they just flicker or go from ON to OFF).

These light come on when you unlock the car and help you see where you are stepping as you get into your Range Rover - they also provide light in the interior for a period after you have closed the doors.

No error messages will appear on the dash with these modules ( telling you a bulb has failed ) as there is a circuit added to ensure the car CANbus system does not see any change from the original light.

See below fitting video showing how to fit these lamps.

UPDATED VERSION: The footwell lights are a new version which illuminate at a dim level at night for ambient lighting - other modules on the market may not be compatible with this function!

We also have this available as a mixed Blue+White kit (Blue doors and footwells plus White boot) - please see our other listing to purchase this.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting Details

See below fitting video (the fitting is the same on the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover L405)

How to upgrade Range Rover L405/L494 interior LED lights - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit?

This item WILL fit all Range Rover L405 models from 2013 -2017.

This item WILL fit the Range Rover L405 facelift models from 2018 -2021 - if you do NOT have the ambient lighting.

This item WILL NOT fit the Range Rover L405 models from 2018 -2021 with the ambient lighting as the connections are different.

This item WILL NOT fit the Range Rover L460 models from 2022 onwards.