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Twin Exhaust Tailpipes for Range Rover Sport L320 - Diesel Models - Stainless

Part number: RRE630-Diesel-SS.
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Premium Twin Tailpipes - Polished Stainless Steel

to fit Range Rover SPORT Diesel Models TDV6 / TDV8

This listing is for a PAIR of premium exhaust tips for the Range Rover Sport L320 TDV6 & TDV8 models.

These simply fit over the end of the existing Range Rover Sport exhaust with no modification to the car / exhaust required.

Many people are unaware that the Range Rover Sport Diesels have twin exhausts as standard from the factory because the exhausts are hidden behind the bumper!

These exhaust tips will give your vehicle an instant upgrade and give a true performance look to your vehicle.

These should not be compared to the numerous 'cheap' alternatives on the market.

These tailpipes are from our 'Premium Range' and are constructed from high-grade stainless steel which will not rust or tarnish!

Weighing 970g each - these are almost twice the weight of standard tips!

These are hand-made and precision engineered to fit the Range Rover Sport perfectly (this is not a generic product).

It should be noted that these are designed with a cut-away section so that they do not foul on the damper which would cause rattles and vibrations.

Each tailpipe is secured in place with 2 heavy-duty hex grub screws which are tightened from underneath (so they are not visible from the top) .

In addition, each tailpipe has a unique safety tab which is secured onto your exhaust with the supplied U-clamps - total piece of mind!

The exhaust gasses still pass through the original tailpipe and point to the ground - this ensure they meet regulations and prevents the back of you car being covered in soot.

These tips fit neatly into the existing cut outs in the rear bumper - no trimming of the bumper is needed.

These tailpipes were designed to fit an exhaust with 60mm diameter. If your exhaust measures less than 58mm, then these will not fit without modification.

We also have these available in a gloss black finish - see our other listing to purchase these.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting Details

Inspect both tips and locate the flat side on the tip - this is the side that points towards the center of the car ( adjacent to the vibration damper swing arm ).

Position tips and clamp the 2 location bolts tight.

Using the U-clamp bolt provided clamp the safety strap to the exhaust close to the silencer box.

See below fitting video:

How To Fit Exhaust Tips to Range Rover Sport Diesel - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item will fit all Range Rover SPORT Turbo Diesel models (TDV6 and TDV8 models) with exhausts that point down. ( 2005 -2009 )

These tailpipes were designed to fit an exhaust with 60mm diameter. If your exhaust measures less than 58mm, then these will not fit without modification.

This item may fit your Range Rover Sport 2010 if your exhausts point down and the diameter is no more than 60mm

This item will NOT fit Range Rover SPORT Petrol models

This item will NOT fit the L322 Vogue shape Range Rover / Freelander 2 or Discovery 3