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Twin Dock Wireless Charger for Land Rover Defender L663

Part number: LRDC567
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Centre Console Twin Wireless Charging Dock

for Land Rover Defender L663

This listing is for a wireless charging dock assembly for the Land Rover Defender L663.

This assembly fits neatly in the centre console to give you a twin-dock wireless charger.

It plugs into the 'cigarette lighter' power outlet behind and also gives you an additional USB-A and USB-C outlet on the charger (27w max output).

The charger complies with the Qi protocol standard which gives 10w fast charging of Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi and 7.5w fast charging of Apple and other phones.

Inside each dock there is a rubberised cushion/pad to secure your phone when it is charging.

Each charging dock features an extendable back support with non-slip silicone strips.

Use the back support in the down position for phones 140 -155mm tall. Press and release the back support and it will raise into the extended mode which is suitable for phones 155 -170mm tall.

Each dock is suitable for phones up to around 80mm wide.

NOTE: On testing, we did encounter some issues when trying to charge our phone that was in a case, therefore we can only recommend this charger for use with phones without a case or with a wireless charging compatible case.

NOTE: If your smart key is located near to the charger whilst it is actively charging a phone, your vehicle may not be able to see the key due to electromagentic interference. Move the key away or remove the phone from charging to start your vehicle (phone can be placed back on the charger once vehicle has been started).

This is not a genuine Land Rover item.

See below fitting video

Land Rover Defender L663 twin dock wireless charger - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit the Land Rover Defender L663 models with the centre console with armrest (90/110/130)