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T25 3156 Amber Indicator Bulb 12v 21W / 5W

Part number: BAT201
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T25 Orange Indicator Bulb

T25 Capless Wedge 12V 21w (3156)

This listing is for a single 21Watt 12 Volt ORANGE indicator bulb

These bulbs are ideal for clear light lenses where the colour needs to come from the bulb.

This is a single filament bulb (3156) - if you require a dual filament bulb you will need a 3157 bulb.

Tip - ensure that your lamp has a big enough hole to accept the balloon part of the bulb - this is 25mm Diameter across.

The 3156 and 7440 type bulbs are shown in the pictures - both can fit in the same base and have the same function only the size of the "bulb" is different.

If are not sure which one to use then go for the 7440 as this will work in both 3156 and 7440 applications as it is smaller.

These bulbs are not E Marked but will pass an MOT.

Fitting Details

Push bulb into the socket

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This will fit any single filament T20 capless wedge application.

Bulb Specification Table

Part Number
Lens Material
T25 3156 capless Wedge
Base Pin Configuration
As above
Lens Colour
AMBER ( Coating )
Base Diameter
20 mm ( see picture )
E Mark Approved
Operating voltage
12 Volts
Function 1 Power
Function 2 Power