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Sports Stainless Steel Exhaust System - for BMW Mini Convertible R52 One & Cooper

Part number: MNE169-Petrol-Con
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Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust System

to fit BMW Mini Convertible R52 (Cooper / One 2005 -2009)

This is a quality full stainless steel sports exhaust system for the BMW Mini One and Cooper Convertible R52 models from 2005 -2009.

This is specifically for the convertible models as it has an indent in the pipe to clear the extra cross brace that the convertibles have (as they need additional strengthening due to no roof).

This replaces all of the exhaust behind the catalytic converter ( often this is referred to as a "cat back" system ).

This system has been manufactured for us to our specifications by a local specialist engineering company in the UK.

We had this system specially developed for our company demonstrator Mini Cooper and we are so happy with the results we are making these available to the public.

This exhaust has been designed to have a more sporting exhaust note similar to the original Mini rather than the standard BMW system that is bland, however we did not a system that had an annoying "drone" when traveling at speed for prolonged periods.

This exhaust is fitted with a 3.5" polished tailpipe that fits into the existing bumper cut out without any need for cutting or modification.

See pictures of this exhaust fitted to our company car including pictures of the underside of the car (saloon model shown).

This kit is supplied complete with new fitting bolts and gasket for the joint onto the catalytic converter.

OK so what is the difference between our system and others on the market ?....

1) This made in the UK from 304 grade stainless steel.

2) 1 year warranty against rust and cracking and other defects.

3) The rear silencer has been designed to be as flat as possible so that as little as possible is visible from the rear of the car.

4) The join between the the inlet pipe and the silencer has a skid plate added so that if you are going over a speed bump there is not an edge that can catch - this is ideal if your vehicle has been lowered ( it also makes the joint between the pipe and the silence much stronger ).

5) The clamp that is used to join the 2 parts of the system together is welded in place - this makes fitting the system much easier as you don't have to hold the clamp in place when fitting the parts together and tightening the bolts.

6) This is a 2 piece system - this means there are less joints to leak and come loose than on systems with 3 or 4 parts. ( we would love to make a 1 piece system but it would be too long to post ! )

7) No modification is needed to the rear bumper - this fits neatly with the 3.5" polished tailpipe fitting into the cut out on the right side of the rear bumper as per the standard exhaust system.

9) This is a single box system with maximum flow and uses the latest silencer technology to achieve excellent noise levels even at high speeds.

Being made from stainless steel you can be assured that you won't be needing to replace this system for a long time !

See below demo video showing fitting and then a test drive so you hear the tone and see the performance - this is an otherwise standard 1.6i Mini Cooper !

Mini Cooper Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust Demonstration - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Fitting Details

To remove the original exhaust you need ..

a) remove the 2 bolts on the joint at the rear of the catalytic converter - new ones are supplied so it does not matter if these are damaged or rusted.

b) Remove the exhaust from the 2 rear rubber "hangers"

c) Remove the center support tray ( 6 bolts ) which will allow the exhaust to be released together with the rubber mounts.

Fit the new exhaust and check the position of the rear tailpipe before tightening the center joint fully.

The exhaust will smell for the first couple of times it is used - we recommend taking the car for a brisk drive after first fitting to burn off coatings from the exhaust system.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This WILL FIT R52 CONVERTIBLE 1.6 Cooper and One 1.6i models (2005 -09)

This will NOT fit the R50 Saloon Hatchback (2001 -06) please see our other listing to purchase this - MNE169 -Petrol-Sal

This will NOT fit the Cooper S models (Supercharged) as these have a centre exit exhaust (twin pipe)

This will NOT fit the later R57 convertible from 2009 onwards