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Sound & Heat Insulation Panel 100x123cm

Part number: HPM447
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Sound & Heat Insulation Panel

Self Adhesive

This panel has many uses if you are restoring or repairing a camper van or doing a van to camper van conversion.

The dimensions of this panel are: 100cm X 123cm which equates to 13 sq ft

We also have a larger heat proof matt that has the dimensions: 120cm X 148cm X 1cm Please see our other items for the larger panel.

Key features of this panel

1) Light Weight

2) Heat Insulation ( helps to keep the van warm inside - thanks to the foil membrane ).

3) Sound Insulation ( Ideal to limit engine and road noise )

4) Waterproof ( The rubber is closed cell and so does not absorb water like a sponge )

5) Flame retardant

6) Interior or Exterior use ( Can be used in under bonnet application )

7) Odour Free ( no horrible rubbery smell )

8) Self adhesive ( peel off backing sheet )

9) Easy to cut and form

10) 10mm thick

Uses for this panel include

1) Lining the inside of exterior panels to help keep van warm and quiet

2) Under bonnet sound deadening

3) Insulating water tanks etc

4) Fitting under floor as an underlay

5) Fitting on the inside of doors to reduce noise and vibration

6) Forming gaskets / seals around doors etc.

Fitting Details

This panel is self adhesive and is easy to cut to shape with scissors so is ideal for adding the finishing touch to your project.