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Snorkel Repair Bracket (Heavy Duty) 3D Printed for Land Rover Defender L663

Part number: BRK435-3D
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Replacement bracket for Snorkel/Raised Air Intake

'Revised Design - Heavy Duty'

for Land Rover Defender L663

This is a 'heavy duty' replacement bracket for the raised air intake (snorkel) for the Land Rover Defender L663.

Early snorkels were equipped with a metal bracket and this was later revised to a plastic one by Land Rover (possibly to cure the loose fit?).

However, we have had customers reporting that their plastic brackets have been breaking in harsh conditions - car wash etc!

Land Rover do not sell a replacement bracket so you would need to purchase a whole new snorkel.

We sell the straight replacement metal brackets but thought we'd go a step further and see if we could improve the design.

This item is 3D printed in the UK by an industry specialist - the result is a very strong, high quality finished part (you can't really tell it's 3D printed).

The bracket is 'beefier' than the original design - this improves strength to help with the breaking issue and also helps with the loose fit issue.

It may be worth buying one of these an an upgrade / spare if you have the original plastic bracket and are worried about it breaking or you would like to improve the fit by replacing a metal bracket.

This is NOT a genuine Land Rover part.

This part is designed and manufactured in the UK.

Fitting Details

This bracket is a straight replacement for the original Land Rover bracket.

See below fitting video which shows us fitting our V1 snorkel which included the metal bracket that was initially supplied by Land Rover:

Land Rover Defender 2020 Snorkel - YouTube

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit all Land Rover Defender L663 models (90, 110 & 130)