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Side Trim with Pre-drilled Holes for Land Rover Defender L663 90 - Gloss Black - LH

Part number: LRDR229-90-L-Blk
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Left Hand Trim Strip with pre-cut holes - Gloss Black

for Land Rover Defender L663 - 90

This is a side trim for the Land Rover Defender L663 (90).

This is the left hand side (nearside/UK passenger side) - see our other listing to purchase the opposite side.

This is the trim piece you need to remove and drill holes in if you want to install a side mounted accessory (Land Rover ladder or Powerful UK molle plate).

This strip has the holes pre-cut (but these will require some reworking).

The holes are in the correct East/West location but you will need to enlarge them to the top of the trim - this is easy to do as this is a plastic trim strip.

Note: If you are installing our Molle plate you will need to drill an additional hole in this trim (template is included with Molle plate) - this plastic trim will be easier to drill than the aluminium one.

If you decide to take the side accessory off at a later date, you can then just re-install your original strip.

The strip just clips on and off easily and has neoprene gaskets installed on each of the clips.

There is a rubber weather seal at the top of the strip.

This strip is made from ABS plastic and finished in Gloss Black.

This part is available from Land Rover but only in primer and only with no holes.

This is not a genuine Land Rover part.

Fitting Details

See video below which shows the use for these strips:

Installing side gear box on the Land Rover Defender L663 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit the Land Rover Defender L663 - 90 model

This item WILL NOT fit the Land Rover Defender L663 - 110 & 130 models