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Reversing Camera for Range Rover L322 - Late 2006-09 Type - HSX

Part number: CAM233-Late
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Reversing Camera

for Range Rover L322 LATE 2006-09 TYPE

This is a Powerful UK exclusive product developed by our in-house engineering team.

This is a replacement reversing camera for the early Range Rover L322 (MY late 2006 to 2009).

We sell 2 versions of this camera (Early/Late) - the camera is the same but the connector is different so please ensure you purchase the correct camera for your vehicle:

  1. EARLY TYPE - this was used on some of the early 2006 vehicles and has a black connector (chassis numbers 6A000001 to 6A216969) - see CAM233 -Early to purchase this
  2. LATE TYPE - this was used from 2006 to 2010 from chassis number 6A216970 onwards and has a white connector - this is what is for sale here

These cameras are not suitable for the facelift 2010 onwards as the camera changed - these later cameras have more 'rounded' edges on the housing and have a removable lead which is sold by Land Rover separately.

A common fault on the Range Rover L322 is that the reversing cameras fail (the cameras are located in the rear spoiler).

Over time the camera lens can also become cloudy and scratched causing an unclear picture.

The replacement cameras are still available from Land Rover but they are very expensive and somewhat outdated.

This camera comes with an attached flying lead, connectors and grommet - ready for plug and play installation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When the cameras fail they often blow the fuse so just replacing the camera may not fix your issue! We also supply you with a 5a fuse - make sure you watch our fault finding video below.

We also include a new M3 screw to secure the camera.

This camera can be used as an alternative to the following part number:
XVI500180PNP (Engineering part number 6H4219H222DA8PNP)

To buy one of these cameras from Land Rover would be around £300!

We have developed our own replacement camera which is fully compatible and uses up-to-date technology.

The tech specs of this camera module are:

  • 1/3" CMOS Sensor
  • 720x576 pixels
  • 105 degree wide angle lens
  • 1 lux minimum illumination
  • NTSC video format

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting Details

The lens is fitted with a clear protective sticker - please remove this before installation (use a pin or sharp knife to carefully lift the corner and peel).

Range Rover L322 rear camer replacement/rear spoiler removal - YouTube

Range Rover L322 reverse camera fault finding/checking power/fuse - YouTube

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

These WILL FIT the Range Rover L322 2006 models from chassis number 6A216970 onwards

This WILL NOT fit the Range Rover L322 2006 models from chassis number 6A000001 to 6A216969

This WILL NOT fit the later facelift Range Rover L322 from 2010 -12.

This WILL NOT fit the Range Rover L405 from 2013 onwards.