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Reverse & Fog LED Bulb Upgrade Kit ( 4pc ) for Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4

Part number: LLK647
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Fog & Reverse LED Upgrade Kit

suitable for Land Rover Discovery 3 / 4

This listing is for a 4 pc LED Bulb upgrade kit for the rear lights on your Land Rover Discovery 3 / 4.

These bulbs can be used to replace the standard bulbs used in the Land Rover Discovery rear lights.

The kit has 4 LEDs

  • 2x Red High Power LED bulbs
  • 2x White High Power LED bulbs

These will greatly improve your visibility when reversing in the dark as they are much brighter than the old standard bulbs.

These are the latest generation of bulbs with LED's on 4 sides and also LED's on the end pointing straight back ( ideal for Fog and Reverse applications )

We have fitted these upgraded bulbs to our car and they make a huge difference ! - see below fitting video / demo

Why upgrade ?

  • LED Bulbs give off more light - ideal to see more when reversing / safer in fog.
  • LED Bulbs use less power - ideal if you need to leave the light on for long periods.

There are cheaper LED bulbs on the market but we have fitted and used these bulbs with no problems and they are very effective.

These bulbs do not flag up any errors on the CANbus and have been tested on our Land Rover Discovery

NOTE: These LED bulbs are opposite pin fitting. Please check BOTH sides of your lights before ordering. Some lights may be opposite pin one side, and rotated pin the other!

These are NOT genuine Land Rover parts

Fitting Details

See below fitting video

Upgrade the REVERSE & FOG bulbs to LED type Land Rover Discovery 3+4 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

These bulbs WILL FIT Land Rover Discovery 3 and 4 ( called LR3 and LR4 ) with opposite pin bulbs - please check both sides before ordering.

These bulbs may also fit a Range Rover Sport