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Replacement Battery Pack for Range Rover L322 Venture Cam

Part number: BTY888
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Replacement Battery Pack

for Range Rover L322 "Venture Cam"

This is a replacement re-chargable battery pack for the venture cam ( remote viewing camera ) used on the Range Rover L322

Most of these remote cameras still work ... or would if the battery is replaced.

The batteries all seem to have lost their ability to hold charge due to a couple of factors

1) age - many of these devices are now 10 years old

2) memory effect - where these devices are not often used and are always charging the suffer from battery memory effect. ( re-chargable batteries should be run down periodically )

Replacing the battery is not a straight swap - some simple wire soldering is required - see below video.

The battery is supplied with a connector but this needs to be cut off and the wires soldered to you original battery plug - remember to keep the thermistor in the circuit.

This is a 7.2 Volt battery pack made up of 6 x AAA batteries each with a capacity of 950mAh. These batteries are NiMh.

With a new camera ( PN XVI500220 ) costing over £350 this is a cheap way to be up and running again !

It worked for us on our project car as you will see in the below video.

Each car can have upto 16 venture cameras !

This is not a genuine Land Rover item.

See Fitting Video below:

How to replace the venture cam battery on a Range Rover L322 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item will fit all Range Rover L322 "venture cam" cameras