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Removal Tool for Detachable Tow Hitch for Range Rover Sport L320

Part number: TOW258-Tool
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Detachable Tow Hitch Removal Tool

for Range Rover Sport L320

This is a custom machined tool to help remove a stuck tow bar hitch for the Range Rover Sport from 2005-2013.

This tool has been manufactured in the USA from tool steel. ( if you are in the USA you can buy from Land Rader )

The removable tow hitch can become stuck or difficult to remove and it is difficult to apply enough force using the plastic turn handle.

This tool can be fitted in place of the pinion and has a 22mm hex head to allow you to get a socket on it and apply controlled force to retract the stuck locking pin.

Step 1 - Drift out the roll pin that hols the green handle onto the shaft

Step 2 - Pull the green handle off the end of the shaft

Step 3 - Undo the two allen head bolts in the middle of the cog disc

Step 4 - Pull the shaft out of the tow bar

Step 5 - Insert the new tool and turn it anticlockwise with a 22mm socker ( or wheel nut wrench ) to release the towbar

See below strip down video to give you an overview of the tow bar mechanics.

Once you've removed your tow hitch you could consider one of our overhaul kits (TOW381 or TOW532).

We also sell replacement red ratchet cogs (large type) if you require one of these - see part TOW608.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting details

See below videos for reference (this tool is not shown but the videos will give you an overview of the mechanics).

How to overhaul tow ball hitch on a Range Rover Sport/Discovery 3/4 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

How to install removable tow hitch on a Range Rover Sport/Discovery 3/4 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit Range Rover Sport L320 (all models from 2005 -2013)