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Remote USB Charging Unit for Motorbike with USB & Micro USB Leads

Part number: CNN285-Kit
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Motorbike "Remote" USB Charging Kit

With USB and Micro USB leads

This listing is for our latest design of "remote" motorbike USB charger for mobile phones etc.

This design has a compact main box that converts the 12v motorbike power to 5V for the USB supply.

There are then 2 leads with standard "headphone" type plugs that plug into the control box and the other ends have USB connectors.

This kit comes with the following 2 leads ...

1) a female "USB A" socket so you can plug your iphone charging lead into this ( for example )

2) a male "Micro USB" plug ready to plug straight into most satnav and other devices

The idea behind this kit is that you can tuck the remote "control box" under the seat or in another out of the way place and then just run the leads up to location where your device is located. This gives you more options for mounting the charger unit and also means the main charging unit is not at the "point of use"

Key features

  • Input Voltage 11 -15 Volts DC
  • Output voltage 5 Volts DC
  • Input Fuse rating 2 Amp ( @12v )
  • Output Current 2 x 2.1 Amps ( @ 5v )
  • Hole diameter for routing cable 10mm ( diameter of headphone type jack )
  • Number of USB leads supported = 2
  • Length of supplied USB leads 80mm

** Please Note**

Although the amperage of this unit is 2.1Amps and is sufficient to charge the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, under test conditions, we have found this unit does not charge any iPhone with a "lightning" connector

We have also tested Android systems - we have not experienced any issues charging Android devices.