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Rear Roof Spoiler Dummy Twin Aerial Range Rover Evoque 2011-15 - 5 Door

Part number: RRA412-5dr
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Dummy Twin Roof/Spoiler Aerial in Gloss Black

for Range Rover Evoque 2011-15 (5 door models)

Upgrade the look of your Range Rover Evoque (5 door) by fitting one of these gloss black dummy 'Twin Shark Fin' rear spoiler aerials.

This is a product exclusive to Powerful UK - designed by our in-house development team!

This is for the 5 door models - its the same antenna we sell for the 3 door but the spacing template is different for 3 and 5 door models.

We have designed this aerial to emulate the twin aerial that is fitted to the Range Rover Evoque facelift (2016-18) with panoramic roof.

Essentially, if you have a panoramic roof (2011 -15) you will not have an external roof aerial (as the electrics are integrated into the rear screen).

This dummy aerial simply sticks onto the rear tailgate spoiler of the Evoque for an instant upgrade.

The aerial is made from tough ABS plastic and professionally painted in Gloss Black.

The dummy aerial has been manufactured to our exacting quality specifications and weighs 220g - this is not a cheap and 'thin' plastic part!

This item has been engineered with the exact curvature to match the 'hump' on the Evoque spoiler.

We supply you with a self adhesive pad for easy fitting as well as a spacing template to aid with placement on the vehicle.

We also supply an alcohol based surface cleaning wipe to ensure maximum adhesion.

This item is super easy to fit yourself - just line it up and stick it down for an instant upgrade!

The Evoque has gone through the following 'aerial evolution'!

2011 -15 with Panoramic Roof = no aerial (this item is PERFECT!)
2011 -15 no Panoramic Roof = single roof aerial (this item still looks cool in addition to the single aerial!)
2016 -18 with Panoramic Roof = twin spoiler aerial (this item will not fit , as it already has an aerial fitted)
2016 -18 no Panoramic Roof = single roof aerial (this item will not fit as the spoiler is different)
2019 -on 'New Evoque 2' = all models have single aerial (this item will not fit as the spoiler is different)

PLEASE NOTE: We have had a couple of reports of a slightly different spoiler design out there - we've sold hundreds of these aerials and it has only affected 2 so far! We advise test fitting the aerial first, to check the curvature matches. If the aerial doesn't sit flush to the spoiler, disregard the spacer template and move the aerial towards the rear of the car until a good fit is achieved.

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This is not a genuine Land Rover item.

Fitting Details

Range Rover Evoque Dummy Twin Aerial Demo and Fitting Video - YouTube

Please ensure you clean the area thoroughly with the supplied wipe - it is important to remove contaminants,polish,wax etc to get proper adhesion of the part.

Find the 'side to side' centre line of your spoiler 'hump' (measure and mark, we suggest marking with a chinagraph pencil or similar) then line up with the the aerial 'centre marks'.

Use the supplied spacing template to find correct placement from the back of the spoiler.

Fit the aerial with the supplied self adhesive pad and apply gentle pressure for at least 1 minute.

IMPORTANT: Please don't test adhesion or wash your vehicle for 24 hours to allow the item time to bond.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit Range Rover Evoque models with the panoramic roof - 5 door / Pure / Dynamic and Prestige (2011-15) L538 ( it will fit the 3 door but the spacing is different - see our other items for the 3dr )

This item WILL NOT fit the Evoque 'facelift' 2016 -18

This item WILL NOT fit the later 'New' Evoque (L551) 2019 onwards

This item WILL NOT fit any other model Range Rover

This item WILL NOT fit any other model Land Rover