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Rear Bumper Protection Decal for Land Rover Defender L663 - with 90 emblem

Part number: VNL740-90
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Rear Bumper Protection Decal - with 90 emblem

for Land Rover Defender L663

This is a rear bumper decal for the Land Rover Defender L663.

This decal provides valuable protection to your paintwork which can be easily worn/damaged as it is on the threshold of your loadspace.

Your bumper paintwork can get scratched just from day-to-day loading items in and out of your boot - or by dogs etc.

This decal is a quick and cost effective solution to giving you some protection and is an alternative to fitting a 'hard cover'.

This decal features a '90 emblem' in the right-hand corner (we positioned it there as this area has the least wear).

This decal is cut from automotive grade '190 micron' vinyl which has a textured matte black finish.

This vinyl is really easy to work with an is applied wet with a mixture of water and a little baby shampoo (the baby shampoo lets you re-position the decal).

We will also supply you with a squeegee tool which is used to squeegee the water out once you are happy with the position.

This kit comes complete with an alcohol based wipe for a final wipe down and decontamination before you apply the decal.

We also sell this decal with a 110 emblem as well as a blank version (no emblem) - see our other listings to purchase these.

This is not a genuine Land Rover item.

Fitting Details

It is important to start with clean paint - any dirt on your bodywork will be magnified and appear as bumps in the decal.

Tip: Usually tar spots are left behind after washing, these can be felt as small bumps at the finger tips - use a light compound polish, tar remover or clay bar to remove.

Use the supplied alcohol wipe as a final clean to remove contaminants before applying the decal.

Rear Bumper Protector Land Rover Defender L663 - YouTube

Which Vehicles will this fit?

This item WILL fit all Land Rover Defender L663 models - although this item has a '90 emblem!'