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Power Tap In Loom For Tailgate on Land Rover Defender L663

Part number: EWL901
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Tailgate Power Take-off Loom

for Land Rover Defender L663

This listing is for a power take-off loom for the tailgate of the Land Rover Defender L663.

This allows you to "tap in" to the rear power circuit on the rear door of your Defender which this then allows you to add a rear dashcam or USB port to the rear door.

The loom is plug and play with no cutting or soldering of the car loom required and it can easily be removed.

This connector plugs into the "soft close" motor connector on the rear door of the Defender - the "soft close" function was removed from the Defender in 2023 and we are not sure of the connector is still in the rear door loom so you may need to check if you have 2023 on model Defender.

The loom has 2 colour coded output wires, with the following functions:

  • Black = Earth
  • Red = Permanent Live 12v

The length of the loom wires is 930mm.

See attached wiring diagram showing the wiring on the car and fuses etc.

This listing is for a single power take-off loom.

We have designed this loom and had it manufactured to our specification.


  • The power in the rear door is fed from Fuse 33 in the rear fusebox ( 15 Amp Fuse )
  • Take care when installing the loom not to short the output wires to the car metal work
  • Install an inline fuse ( 10 Amps or less ) when installing your final device to protect the car wiring from a faulty USB supply etc.
  • We recommend a maximum load of 10 Amps be connected to this loom.

This is NOT a genuine Land Rover item.

Fitting Details

Land Rover Defender L663 Tailgate Rear Door 12v Power Outlet Install - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This will fit Land Rover New Defender L663 - all models with soft close motor fitted to rear door