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LED rear light upgrade kit for Land Rover Defender L663 - White+Amber

Part number: LLM804-WO-Kit
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LED Rear Light Kit with White & Amber Lamps

for Land Rover Defender L663

This listing is for a rear light light upgrade kit for the Defender L663.

We sell 3 versions of this kit with differing colour LEDs in the lamps:

  • All white lamps (6 white LEDs per lamp)
  • White+Amber lamps (4 white LEDs and 2 amber LEDs per lamp) - this is the kit for sale here
  • White+Red lamps (4 white LEDs and 2 red LEDs per lamp)

This is the White+Amber lamp kit - so you can connect the white LEDs to your reverse and Amber LEDs to your indicators.

Benefits of this configuration is improved reverse light brightness and improved indicator visibility, especially if you are stopped with hazards on and rear door open (the spare wheel obscures the rear lights!).

There is no cutting or splicing of your original vehicle wiring as you use our custom tap-in looms which simply plug into place to give you a power feed from the rear light assemblies.

We have designed this kit so that there is no need to cut, drill or modify your original car!

We have utilised the recesses in the rear of the Defender to allow you to fix in 2x additional LED lamps and we have designed custom shaped plinths which house the LED units perfectly (and sit flush).

These plinths are finished in gloss black and come pre-fitted with self adhesive tape.

This kit is exclusive to Powerful UK.

In this kit, you will receive:

  • 2x LED light modules (White+Amber) *NOW WITH BLACK PCB*
  • 2x Powerful UK custom fitting plinths in Gloss Black *IMPROVED DESIGN*
  • 2x Powerful UK tap-in wiring looms (no need to cut original looms)
  • 1x Silicone Grease sachet which can be used on the connectors as extra insurance for weatherproofing
  • 4x Trim fitting clips (these often ping off when removing the side panels)
  • 4x Black Torx Head (T10) Stainless steel screws for fixing lamp to plinth
  • 4x Stainless steel screws for fixing plinth to vehicle (optional as you can use adhesive pads only)
  • 6x Electrical butt-splice connectors

The LED modules in this kit are the best quality light units we could source (they are not a cheap item!) .

They have a tough polycarbonate front clear lens with focused dome lenses for maximum LED intensity.

Each lamp features 6 bright LEDs per light unit (4 white & 2 amber) and has weather sealed joints on rear electrical connection outlet to prevent water ingress.

The main housing/assembly is made from aluminium which has been painted black and the lights have a black PCB to give an overall dark appearance when the light is off.

The lights are not e-marked externally but have ECE R65,R10,SAE certification - in the EU a maximum of 2 reverse lights are allowed so you may have to put tape over the original LR ones if this is a concern to you (Regulation No. 48 - UNECE

This is a nice upgrade project you can do yourself - see our fitting video below of us fitting these lights to our own project Defender.

We supply you with 4 new genuine trim clips in case any of your original ones break in the installation process.

NOTE: These lights have been designed so they are compatible with the extended rear bumper covers, other aftermarket light options may not fit.

These are NOT genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting Details

See below fitting video - we recommend adding some silicone grease (supplied) to the electrical contacts in the connectors to protect from possible water ingress into the connectors.

PLEASE NOTE: That for US Spec vehicles you should connect the Grey wire to Yellow wire

Land Rover Defender 2020 rear light upgrade - YouTube

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit all Land Rover Defender L663 90, 110 + 130 models