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Interior Light LED Upgrade Kit - 3pc - White - for Nissan Navara D40

Part number: LLK107-White-KIT
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LED Lighting kit

( 2 x Front console and 1 x rear console )

for Nissan Navara D40

This listing is for our full interior LED kit to replace the standard bulbs used in the Nissan Navara D40 double cab (4 door) pickup.

This kit has 3 parts..

2 x T10 wedge bulbs - These are used in the front roof console ( 1W )

1 x 31mm Festoon bulb - This is used for the rear seat overhead console light. ( 3W )

Why upgrade ?

  • LED lights look much whiter that standard bulbs - this really makes the car more welcoming at night.
  • LED Bulbs give off more light - no more searching around in the dark for things in the car.
  • LED Bulbs use less power - ideal if you need to leave the light on for long periods.

These LED's are great as they can be used either way around ( there is no + and - which can be a problem on cheaper LED bulbs )

Also please note that these LED's are dimmable - so that when you close the doors at night the lights "fade" rather than turn off abruptly or flicker like some other types of LED's

These bulbs have all been tested and don't give any errors on the Navara - see below video.

These are not genuine Nissan parts.

Fitting Details

See below fitting video

How to upgrade the interior light bulbs to LED on Nissan Navara D40 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This WILL fit all Nissan Navara D40 (double cab)

This WILL NOT fit the older Nissan Navara D22.