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Headlight - Non AFS - RHD - LH for Range Rover Sport 2010

Part number: RRL112-L-RHD-naf*SOP*
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Genuine Headlight Assembly RHD ( Left )

for Range Rover Sport 2010 -2013

Please note: This is a special order item, we don't carry stock but can order in from our supplier. Listed price is indicative only, please contact us for current price and delivery times.

This listing is for a genuine headlight for the Range Rover Sport 2010 -2013

This headlamp is for RHD ( Right Hand Drive ) cars - for example UK / Japan etc.

This listing is for the Left hand unit - this is also refered to as UK passenger side / nearside ( see our other items for the other lamp )

This is a NON-AFS light ( AFS is the function that turns the lights with the steering and was only fitted on the top spec models ) If you look on the top of your current headlights you will see a yellow sticker with AFS on it if you have AFS. If you are doing an upgrade of a 2005 -2009 it is difficult ( impossible ? ) to get the later AFS lights to work on the early AFS cars as they use a different communication system ( LINbus / CANbus ).

This light comes complete with the Zenon ballast / HID bulb / Indicator bulb / sidelight bulb etc - it is the complete unit ready to fit.

NOTES below are for people with 2005 -2009 cars and looking to do a conversion

The connector on this light is the standard 16 way connector and this is the same as used on the early sport headlights.

On our 2005 Range Rover Sport conversion ( see below video ) we just plugged this headlight unit into the connector and all items worked with no need to add resistors etc.

If you are hoping to fit these 2010 headlights to a early ( 2005 -2009 ) model please be aware you will need to change the following items...

a) Both front wings ( the angle of the headlight where it meets the wing is different )

b) The front grille ( the shape of the headlight where it meets the grille is different )

c) The front bumper + associated parts like parking sensor and fog lights ( the shape of the bumper is different where it meets the wing )

See below link to our website sheet showing you what parts you need for your front end conversion.

Fitting Details

See below fitting video ( this shows the process for the sport 2005 but the process is the same )

Range Rover Sport upgrade Part 1 - Remove the grille & headlights - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This WILL fit the Range Rover Sport models from 2010 to 2013 without AFS that are RHD ( Right Hand Drive - e.g. UK / Japan etc )

This WILL NOT fit and early 2005 -2009 model unless you change the front end panels.