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H4 Halogen Headlight Bulbs - 60W/55W Ultra-White - PAIR for Toyota Hilux M6

Part number: H4-60W-Clear
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High Power 100/90w H4 Headlight Bulbs

to fit Toyota Hilux Mk6 ( Vigo ) Pickup

This listing is for a PAIR of Halogen H4 Clear Lens bulbs.

The H4 bulb has double filaments inside the lamp and produces light for the MAIN and DIPPED beam headlamp functions.

The power of the MAIN BEAM light from this bulb is 60W

The power of the DIPPED BEAM light from this bulb is 55W

The power rating is actually the electrical power consumed by the light bulb and is not a true reflection of the light output.

Higher power consumption will in general mean more light output but the other factor to consider is the light colour ( also called colour temperature ). Some energy saving bulbs and street lights produce a very yellow light that is difficult to see detail clearly. These bulbs however are designed to produce light with a colour temperature of 4000K which is a very sharp white light ideally suited to night driving.

In addition these bulbs have been optimised to reduce the amount of UV ( ultra Violet ) light produced. UV can damage plastic headlight lenses.

Packed in a rugged display case these bulbs are ideal as a spare pair of bulbs to keep in your vehicle etc. ( or you may choose to fit these and keep your original ones in the car as spares )

These bulbs are NOT E Marked, but ARE fully road legal and will pass an MOT.

Fitting Details

Remove the rubber cap from the back of the headlight and then remove the 3 way electrical connector.

The bulb is held in place with a wire clip - release the clip and the bulb can then be removed.

When re-fitting the new bulb it is important not to touch the glass with bare fingers as this can lead to early bulb failures.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

These bulb will fit any vehicle with a H4 bulbs - including the Toyota Hilux Mk6 pickup also the import Vigo pickup.

Bulb Specification Table

Part Number
H4 -60W-Blue
Lens Material
H4 P43t
Base Pin Configuration
3 pin H4
Lens Colour
Base Diameter
43 mm
E Mark Approved
Operating voltage
12 Volts
Function 1 Power
Function 2 Power