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Genuine Rear Autobiography Spoiler for Range Rover Sport 2010-13

Part number: RRS894-Gen
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Genuine Autobiography Rear Spoiler

for Range Rover Sport (2010 -2013)

Enhance your Range Rover Sport by fitting one of these genuine Autobiography rear spoilers.

This listing is for the spoiler designed to fit ONLY the 2010 to 2013 models. It is not possible to fit this spoiler onto the earlier 2005 to 2009 models ( without modification ) as for some reason Land Rover decided to change the rear mounting points.

Standard 2010 on models had a smaller rear spoiler and it was only the "Autobiography" version that had this larger spoiler.

This item is a direct "plug and play" fit with no wiring changes / hole drilling etc.

You will need to swap the brake light from your old spoiler to the new spoiler. ( this only applies to 2010 on cars ) Our part number for the brake light is RRL975.

The item is finished in a black plastic on the underside - this is left un-painted on the factory cars.

The upper section is finished in primer ready for painting - this was painted body colour on factory cars.

To fit this spoiler to a 2010 model you will need to purchase the following items:-

• No extra items required - just painting.

Parts you re-use from you old vehicle :-

• Washer jet nozzle and hose

• Rear Brake Light

Parts you have left to sell (on eBay etc) to recover some of the costs :-

• Your old rear spoiler - a popular retro fit onto the earlier sport.

Please be aware that this part is made from ABS plastic, it is not made from fibre glass.

As with all ABS products, care must be taken when baking the product after painting as if you bake at too high a temperature warping may occur.  We would recommend air curing to avoid this.

This is a genuine Land Rover product, part no. LR048575 or LR032164.

Fitting Details

Remove the old Spoiler... see below video

How to remove the rear spoiler on a Range Rover Sport 2005-2009 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Fit new spoiler ..see below video

How to Fit 2010 Autobiography Spoiler to 2005-09 Range Rover Sport - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This part WILL FIT all of the Range Rover Sport models from 2010 to 2013.

This WILL NOT fit the earlier Range Rover Sport 2005 -2009 models.