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Genuine Keyfob Shell for Land Rover Discovery 4

Part number: RRI921
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Genuine Keyfob Shell

for Land Rover Discovery 4

This listing is a for a genuine keyfob shell for the Land Rover Discovery 4.

IMPORTANT: There are 2 types of keyfob used on the Discovery 4 - see photo for comparison.

If you have the later style keyfob you can use this kit to refurb and refresh your worn/tired keyfob.

However, a nice bonus is if you have the older style keyfob you can upgrade to this new style using this shell!

Over time the remote can become worn/tired or the rubber can start to peel away etc - but it's really easy to refurbish it with this replacement shell.

You do not need to purchase a complete new key as you can simply swap the internal electronics over from your old remote into this new casing.

Because you are re-using your existing electronics there is no re-programming necessary.

We have completed this refurb process in our step-by-step fitting video below.

Please note, this is an empty case with no internal electronics etc.

The metal sliding side piece is not included - you need to re-use your existing one.

There is no battery included with this kit - we recommend that you purchase yourself a CR2032 battery and replace this at the same time.

This is a genuine Land Rover item, brand new in retail packaging.

Fitting Instructions

We have made a video covering this refurb process - see below:

Keyfob refurb with new outer shell - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Discovery 4 Keyfob upgrade from old style to new style - YouTube

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit Land Rover Discovery 4 (to refurb the late keyfob or upgrade the early style keyfob)