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Gearbox Filter (for Britpart Sump Assembly) for Land Rover Discovery 3/4

Part number: SMP376
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Automatic Gearbox Filter (for the Britpart sump assembly)

for Land Rover Discovery 3/4

This is a replacement filter for the Britpart auto gearbox sump/filter system on the Land Rover Discovery 3/4.

The original Discovery gearbox sump and filter are one assembly and it's impossible to remove the sump/filter without lifting the gearbox.

Britpart developed a conversion kit which replaces the original one-piece plastic assembly with a metal sump and separate filter - and you can fit the kit without lifting the engine and gearbox!

This is a replacement filter for the Britpart system.

Note: This is for the filter only - if you require the sump and filter conversion kit then see our part number SMP142.

If your gearbox has the ribbed plastic sump it most likely that your car still has its original filter and this part is not suitable!

Degradation in gearbox oil can lead to judder, noise and the gearbox seems hesitant to change gear.

We are often asked "when should I change the gearbox filter and oil?" and generally if your gear change is smooth with no thud or hesitation then leave it alone! Our project car had 200K miles on the original oil/gearbox before we decided to do this change. After the change the gear change was smoother and the fuel efficiency improved from 23MPG to 26MPG (10% improvement).

You can see this filter in the below videos which shows us fitting the Britpart conversion kit to our Discovery 4.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting Details

The below videos show the removal and refit process of the conversion kit (our part number for this kit is SMP142) - this filter can be seen as part of this kit.

VIDEO 1: Removing gearbox sump

How to remove the sump/filter on a Land Rover Discovery 4 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

VIDEO 2: Refitting the new sump and filter kit

Fitting the new filter and metal sump on a Land Rover Discovery 4 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item will fit Land Rover Discovery 3/4 with the Britpart conversion kit installed (this is a metal sump) - models with the 6 speed ZF 6HP26 gearbox

This item will not fit if you have the original gearbox sump/filter fitted (this is a ribbed plastic assembly)