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Gear Selector - Chrome (Multi Fit) for Land Rover Discovery 4 (2011-onwards)

Part number: RRG795-Ch
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Rotary Gear Selector (Multi-fit) in Chrome

for Land Rover Discovery 4 2011-on

Enhance the interior of your Land Rover Discovery 4 by fitting one of these chrome finish rotary gear selectors.

The rotary style gear selector was fitted to the Discovery 4 from around 2011 onwards (previous models had a gear lever).

We have been selling our popular upgrade rotary gear selectors for some time but we've gone a step further and improved the design.

There are actually 2 different types of rotary selector fitted to the Land Rover/Range Rover models - externally they are identical but the internal fitment is different - this is confusing as you would need to remove your gearknob to check and order the correct type!

So, as we love to do.... we engineered an improved solution!

These updated gear selectors are 'multi-fit' - so they fit both types of selector modules.

This 'multi-fit' design is unique to Powerful UK as it was designed in-house by our engineering team.

These heavyweight solid metal gear selectors come with 2 inserts - you just fit whichever insert for your vehicle.

There is a knurled finish on the sides of the selector and a turned finish top.

The turned finish tops are also solid metal (unlike other products on the market which are plastic) and they screw on/off (not stick-on like the genuine ones!).

This item is a quality item made from metal.

The knob is fixed in place with a screw so we also include a tool to remove your old knob and secure the new one with the same fixing.

This is not a genuine Land Rover item.

Fitting Details

2 custom inserts are supplied with the gear selector, you install whichever insert fits your vehicle.

We suggest a small blob of superglue just to hold the insert in place while you fit the new gear selector (this is just to aid installation as it will be secure once screwed into place).

We supply a small piece of adhesive tape to help grip the topper when unscrewing and screwing back in.
We also supply a small washer which you can use if there is some play in the new shifter when fitted (thread washer onto screw so tightens down more to secure the shifter).

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit Land Rover Discovery 4 ( called LR4 in some regions ) from 2011 onwards

This item WILL NOT fit the earlier Discovery 4 with the "stick shift" change.

This item WILL NOT fit a Land Rover Discovery 3 / LR3