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Full 4 Headlight Upgrade Kit for Bentley Turbo R

Part number: HLK675
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Crystal Halogen Headlight Upgrade Kit

to fit Bentley Turbo R ( RHD )

Improve the lighting on your vehicle with these new crystal headlights.

This is a full upgrade kit consisting of 4 headlights ( 2 x H4 type and 2 x H1 Type )

These headlights use the latest multi-surface reflector technology to define the beam pattern and have a smooth front lens. Older headlights use the lens to set the beam pattern.

If you look at the latest Bentleys they all have smooth lens design headlights.

In addition to having great light output these lights look much cleaner and sharper than the older Hella type units.

The Main Beam Lamp (H1) lamps are E Marked and road legal for use in the UK.

The H4 lamps are not E Marked

We currently only have this conversion kit available for Right Hand Drive ( RHD ) cars as used in the UK / Japan etc.

These lights are made from injection molded plastic so will not rust like the original metal backed items. The lenses on these new lights are plastic as used on the majority of modern cars and does not crack like glass.

When you look at the improved lighting and improved appearance these lights are a good deal especially compared to the cost of replacing the original headlights ( about £150 each )

No frame or bulbs are included with this kit as your existing frame and bulbs can be used as long as you already have the twin headlights fitted to your car.

These are not genuine Bentley parts.

NEW - we have now removed the sidelight that was not needed from the H4 unit ( the sidelight is next to indicator and no sidelight function is required in the headlight ). Pictures / video show our first kit that had the sidelight pilot bulb in the headlight - this has now been removed.

Fitting Details

These lights are easy to fit and we have made a video below to show you how to do this conversion.

These H4 lights do have a sidelight bulb in that is not normally fitted in the UK Bentleys and the leads to this need to be cut off. If you wish to connect this additional sidelights you will need to make extra wiring and add clearance in the rear headlight shield ( this is easy to do ).

Fitting these lights only take 15 minutes per side.

How to change the front lights on a Bentley Turbo R - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

These fit all the Bentley Turbo R models with the twin round 7" headlights.