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Front Bumper (including Front Tow Eye, Fog Bezels & Number Plate Plinth) for Range Rover Sport L320 2010 Autobiography

Part number: RRB990-AM
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Autobiography Style Front Bumper

for Range Rover Sport L320 ( 2010 on )

Enhance your Range Rover Sport by fitting one of these Autobiography style front bumpers.

This is the style of bumper used on the top of the range "Autobiography" Range Rover Sport from 2010 on.

This bumper comes complete with the removable tow eye cover and fog light surrounds.

All parts in this bumper kit are supplied in grey unpainted plastic or in primer and require painting. You could opt to have the bumper kit painted before fitting ( this is cheaper as you can do the fitting yourself but you have to consider the risk of damaging the paint during fitting and also there could be a colour match issue between adjacent panels ) or you could ask a bodyshop to fit and paint the bumper and blend the paint with the adjacent bodywork.

This bumper can be fitted as part of a full 2010 Autobiography conversion where you change the front end or as just a rear end conversion.

To fit this bumper to a 2005 model you will need to purchase the following items:-

  • 2 x 2010 Front Wings + fitting panels
  • 4 x Sport 2010 parking sensors and grommets - ( see our other items but may be same as some other Land Rover / Jaguar models )
  • 1 x parking sensor / fog light rear loom - ( see our other items )
  • 2 x fog lights
  • 2 x washer jets + pipe reducers
  • 2 x bumper / wing joint panels
  • 2 x 2010 LED style headlights
  • 1 x radar bracket ( if you have ACC )

Parts you re-use from you old bumper :-

  • All fixings

Parts you have left to sell ( on eBay etc ) to recover some of the costs :-

  • Your old front bumper
  • 4 x Old Parking Sensors + loom
  • 2 x fog lights from old bumper
  • 2 x 2005 front wings
  • 2 x 2005 front headlights

There is no cutting or drilling needed to fit this bumper.

There is no wiring to cut or connections to make - just plug in the new parking sensor loom.

These bumpers are brand new pattern parts and not genuine Land Rover items.

See below videos showing how to remove old bumper and then fit new bumper.

This is not a genuine Land Rover item

Fitting Details

Remove the old bumper

Fit new parking sensors and loom ( not supplied with this bumper - see our other items )

We would recommend 2 people being available to fit these bumpers.

See below videos

Fit the new washer jets in bumper

Fit the deflectors

Range Rover Sport 2010 front bumper conversion - Washer Jets - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Front end wiring explained

Range Rover Sport 2005 to 2010 conversion front end wiring upgrade - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Fitting the new loom in bumper

Fitting the PCD / Fog wiring into Range Rover Sport 2010 front bumper - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This kit WILL FIT all of the Range Rover Sport models from 2010 on ( or a 2005 model with front end conversion )

This WILL NOT Fit a P38 Range Rover

This WILL NOT fit a Range Rover L322