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Exhaust Tips for Land Rover Defender L663 (for 55mm exhaust) - Stainless

Part number: LRDE521-SS-Pair
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Exhaust tips in Polished Stainless Steel

for Land Rover Defender L663

Another exclusive from Powerful UK - this product is designed and developed by us!

This is a pair of polished stainless steel exhaust upgrade tips for the Land Rover Defender L663.

These add a nice touch as the standard exhaust tailpipes are just steel and do not have finishers.

Fitting these exhaust tips will give your vehicle a similar look to the V8 models (which have polished finishers as part of the V8 exhaust system).

These simply push over your existing exhausts and fix into place with 3 allen head bolts - the upper 2 bolts are pinch bolts and the lower bracket is a clamp bracket for extra security ( see pictures ).

These finishers will fit both petrol and diesel models (that have the 2 exhausts on 1 side) except the P400 models as their exhausts as slightly wider (these WILL fit the P400e plug-in hybrid model as the engine is actually a P300, plus the electric motor).

See our part number LRDE400 to purchase tips for the P400 model.

Petrol models have their 2 exhaust tips split across the left and right of the vehicle whereas most diesel models have 2 exhaust tips together on one side of the vehicle - we have found some international customers have diesel models which have an exhaust on each side because no ADBLUE tank is fitted. These tips will NOT fit if that is the case and you will need the P400 type exhaust tips.

The exhaust finishers have a 65mm internal diameter and after fitting will take your exhausts up to approx 70mm overall diameter.

These are a quality item made from Stainless Steel (will not corrode) with a polished finish (it looks like chrome but is stainless steel).

These exhaust tips also feature a drain hole on the underside to prevent them holding water.

We also have these in gloss black if you want to change the colour of your exhausts!

This is not a genuine Land Rover part.

Fitting Details

Fitting/Demo video coming soon

See attached picture showing installation of the lower bracket.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This WILL fit Land Rover Defender L663 - Petrol & Diesel models (except the P400 models and the diesel models with an exhaust tip on either side)

This WILL fit the P400e plug-in hybrid models (as these are actually a P300 engine, plus the electric motor)

This WILL NOT fit Land Rover Defender L663 Petrol P400 models - see part number LRDE400 to purchase tips for the P400

This WILL NOT fit Land Rover Defender L663 V8 models (as these already have finishers fitted as part of the exhaust system)