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Easy wheel fitting tool for Range Rover Sport L320

Part number: RRW100
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Wheel Fitting & Removal Alignment Tool

to fit Range Rover Sport L320 Wheels

This is a handy tool to make fitting and removing wheels easier.

This tool is suitable for the studs on the Range Rover Sport L320.

Just screw this tool onto one of the studs and slide your wheel over it - fit the other 4 wheel nuts - then remove the tool to fit the final nut.

This takes the guesswork and heavy lifting out of trying to line up a big heavy wheel onto 5 studs at the same time ! - also saves you playing the balancing act which you reach for your tools etc.

You can see how Tyler struggles to line up the wheel when he doesn't use this tool in the below video.... compare that to when he does use the tool to refit the spare wheel.

This tool is well worth the money to keep in your vehicle in preparation for the possibility of having to do a roadside wheel change by yourself - you'll thank yourself afterwards!

This tool will also help prevent damage to your hub and wheel.

Has a slotted end to aid removal if needed.

Land Rover now actually supply a similar tool with the New Defender but these are suitable for the Range Rover Sport too as they use the same size wheel nut.

This item fits onto wheel studs with a 14 x 1.5mm thread.

The tool is 82mm in length.

This is not a genuine Land Rover item but a good quality aftermarket item.

Fitting Details

See below demo of us using a similar tool on our New Defender:

Wheel alignment tool - Fitting/Removal stud demonstration - YouTube

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit the wheels on the Range Rover Sport L320 (2005-13)