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Dashcam Wiring Board - Converts 12v Battery to Igntion Feed + USB-A

Part number: EWL250-Dashcam-Board
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Dashcam Board

Converts 12v battery live to ignition feed & USB output

This is a super handy 12v automotive dashcam board (or any other accessory that requires 12v ignition feed).

This board will take a 12v battery live (permanent feed) and converts it to an ignition feed (when engine is running).

This is handy for fitting accessories that need an ignition feed and you only have easy access to battery live.

You just need to connect positive and negative battery feed to the board and it will only output 12v when the engine is running.

The board does this by sensing the voltage rise from 12v to 14v when the engine is running (the alternator puts out 14v to charge the battery).

Once connected to a battery live input, the board has several output options:

  1. Ignition live screw terminal (live when engine running)
  2. Battery live screw terminal
  3. USB-A port which can be set to battery live or ignition live

The 5v USB-A output port is convenient to plug accessories straight into.

There is a jumper that is used to set the USB-A output to be either battery live or ignition live.

This is made in the UK using quality components!

The board measures approx 60mm x 45mm.

We would reccommend installing this board into a project box or similar.

This is not a genuine Land Rover part.