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Dash Cam Wiring Kit - Tap-in Loom + Garmin Hardwire Kit for Jaguar XF with EARLY overhead console (2009-15)

Part number: EWL760-Garmin-Kit
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Power Tap-in Loom + Garmin Dashcam Hardwire Kit

for Jaguar XF with EARLY console (2009 -15)

This listing is for a plug and play power tap-in loom plus Garmin 'Parking Mode' wiring kit for the early Jaguar XF (2009 -15).

IMPORTANT: This item in only suitable for the Jaguar XF with the EARLY type overhead console (see photo) - the early type console was fitted from 2009 until around 2015.

This pre-wired kit includes:

  • Powerful UK custom 'plug and play' power tap in loom for overhead console
  • Genuine Garmin parking Mode wiring kit for the Garmin Dash Cam models 45, 55 & 65W

We have pre-wired these items together for you so this is a plug and play solution - no cutting or wiring skills needed.

The custom made tap-in loom simply plugs into the front overhead console and gives you the power feeds you need but without the need for any alteration/cutting/splicing to your vehicles wiring (which may void your warranty).

This kit is ideal to wire in a dash-cam as it puts power to where you'll mount the camera without having to route any long wires round the screen (plus you'd still need to find somewhere to take power from).

We have wired the tap-in loom to a Garmin wiring kit which gives you a 4.75v micro USB connector that can you plug directly into your compatible Garmin dashcam.

The Garmin Parking Mode kit allows you to connect you dash cam to constant power and monitor motion detected in front of your vehicle even when parked and tuned off giving you 24hr protection.

The Garmin hardwire kit incorperates a voltage sensing circuit that cuts power the dashcam when it senses a low battery so there is no risk of the dashcam flattening your car battery when you are away on holiday etc.

This Parking Mode kit is compatible with Garmin Dash Cam 45, 55 & 65W.

All you need to do is feed the wire through the headlining at the top of the windscreen into the roof space - we found a flexi ruler ideal for this!

We also sell the power tap-in loom on it's own - see our other listing to purchase separately.

This is not a genuine Jaguar Land Rover product.

Fitting details

  • Disconnect your battery +ve lead before fitting the loom to the vehicle - this makes it less likely for power surges that could damage car circuits when plugging / unplugging the overhead console.
  • The ignition live feed comes from the body control module - if this is overloaded the circuit is isolated and can be reset with an ignition cycle ( turn the car on and off again )
  • The battery positive feed comes via a fuse in the fusebox behind the glove box.
  • If you have any issues with your car that needs investigation by a Land Rover dealer it is best to disconnect this loom so the vehicle is returned to its original configuration.

Range Rover Evoque Dashcam Install - YouTube

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Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit the Jaguar XF 1st generation with the early type console (from 2009 to around 2015)

This item WILL NOT fit the 'All New' Jaguar XF which was released in 2016 (see photos)