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Boot Tow Bar Power & CANbus Loom for Land Rover Defender L663 - works with Fixed Towbar

Part number: EWL569-Loom
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Boot Pass-through Loom (Power & CANbus take off)

compatible with fixed towbar only (NOT deployable)

for Land Rover Defender L663

This listing is for a pass-through loom for the boot (trunk) of the Land Rover Defender L663.

The loom plugs into the towbar power plug that all vehicles have located in the boot floor.

The loom includes battery +ve and battery -ve take off wires (permanent feed).

Note: This loom does not have ignition live take-off wire but if you need an ignition feed it is the blue wire on the pass-through loom.

We have also added CANbus take-off wires that you could use for your own projects.

The CANBUS system uses of 2 signal wires: CANhigh & CANlow.

This is a 'plug and play' pass-through loom which plugs in-between the towbar electrics in the boot with no alterations needed to your vehicles wiring.

If you do not have a towbar fitted and only need power outputs then see our loom EWL725

Note: This loom does NOT fit the vehicles with the electrical deployable tow bar fitted - see item EWL331 if you have a deployable towbar fitted.

The loom has the following output wires:

  • Black = Earth
  • Brown=Permanent Live
  • Yellow = CANBUS (CANlow)
  • Yellow & Grey = CANBUS (CANhigh)

This listing is for a single pass-though loom.

This loom is designed for development and modification purposes - please ensure that all trailer functions work after installation and that any devices you connect to this loom do not inferfere with the operation of the CANbus or towbar functions.

This is NOT a genuine Land Rover item.

Fitting Details

Video coming soon.

Which Vehicles will this fit?

This item WILL fit all Land Rover Defender L663 models - this will fit vehicles with or without a fixed towbar installed.

This item WILL NOT fit the Land Rover Defender L663 models with the electrical deployable tow bar fitted.