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AirTag Holder for Land Rover 63mm Wheel Centre Cap

Part number: AIR568-Kit
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Apple AirTag Vault

for 63mm Land Rover Wheel Centre Cap

This is an Apple AirTag holder/vault for the Land Rover 63mm wheel centre caps (all of the modern Land Rovers/Range Rovers).

After fitting an AirTag inside the vault, it is sealed with a self adhesive neoprene gasket (supplied) and then fastened to the wheel centre with the supplied self adhesive disc.

Once the assembly is fitted back into the wheel, the AirTag vault is held securely in place by the wheel centre cap itself with friction (it does not rely on the adhesive disc, that is just there to aid fitting).

This gives you a concealed tracking facility in the event of your vehicle being stolen!

Having an AirTag located in your vehicle may also be helpful if you are trying to find your car after going for a walk / hike etc.

Apple AirTag or Land Rover wheel centre is NOT included.

Note: AirTag batteries have a life expectancy of around 1 year so you'll need to change the battery periodically (a spare set of gasket/adhesive is supplied).

Included in this kit:

  • 3D printed AirTag holder
  • 2x Large Neoprene self-adhesive gaskets
  • 4x Small Neoprene self-adhesive gaskets
  • 2x Double sided adhesive discs

The holder is manufactured in the UK using 3D SLS printing technology (Selective Laser Sintering) which gives a high quality product and finish without layer lines.

See our part numbers RRW239(black) or RRW103(silver) for a new set of wheel centre caps.

This is not a genuine Land Rover or Apple product.

Fitting details

Simply pop your chosen wheel centre cap out from your wheel (take care to avoid damaging your wheel/cap).

Fit an AirTag in the holder and seal with a large self adhesive neoprene gasket, then stack 2x small neoprene gaskets on top.

Use the double sided adhesive disc to attach the holder to the wheel centre cap (it just needs to hold it in place while you fit it).

Re-fit the wheel centre to the wheel - the AirTag holder is held in place by friction once fitted.

Land Rover Wheel Centre AirTag Holder - YouTube

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Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit all modern Land Rover wheel centres (63mm diameter)