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20mm Equal T Hose Connector

Part number: PPT400-PAIR
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Pair of Plastic Hose T Connector

20mm x 20mm x 20mm

This listing is for a PAIR of T connectors for joining flexible hose together.

These are made from Nylon PA66 which is a much higher specification material than ABS plastic which is used on many cheaper fittings.

Nylon PA66 is the material used for these fittings by car manufactures for its excellent strength and temperature properties.

Some fittings for sale are "general" hose connector fittings and not suited to under bonnet temperatures.

These can be used for a variety of applications from car heater hose connections / inlet air connections / garden hose etc.

This T connector is called an EQUAL T because all the 3 connections are the same size ( 20mm Diameter ) to suit a hose with a 20mm INTERNAL diameter.

The picture shows the design of fitting you will get with neat end stop seat for the hose when it is pushed on fully.

To prove how tough these are we decided to drive over them with our 2 tonne Range Rover - see below video.

Plastic fittings are better than aluminium fittings as plastic does not corrode !

Our new range of water pipe fittings - tested by driving over them ! - YouTube

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