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2012 Spec Rear LED Light - RH for Range Rover Sport

Part number: RRL147-AM-R
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Rear LED Light Assembly ( RIGHT )

to fit Range Rover Sport 2010 onwards

( also suitable to fit as upgrade on earlier models )

This listing is for a Range Rover SPORT 2012 spec after market rear light assembly.

The Range Rover Sport was fitted with LED rear lights in 2010 as part of the facelift.

In 2012 there was a minor change to the rear 2010 LED rear lights in that the inner housing was changed from dark grey to black - this listing is for the latest spec BLACK inner items.

These are what Land Rover term as ROW ( rest of the world ) rear lights are are suitable for all markets OTHER THAN north America.

The American spec rear lights are fitted with lights in the rear reflector area to make the car visible at night from the side !! - so if you live in the US don't buy these lights !

This assembly comes complete with bulb / bulb holder / loom / connector / lens etc.

This listing is for a Right side ( UK Driver side or Offside )

These can be fitted to a 2005 - 2009 model as part of an upgrade - but you will need to add one of our 15 Ohm resistors across the earth and indicator wire - see our other items for this resistor. If you do not fit the resistor your relay will click too fast and this can make the indicator lights flash too fast. The 15 Ohm resistor is higher than the theoretical value ( using Ohms law ) of resistor you need but this 15 Ohm resistor will not get hot and works fine.

These lights are not genuine Land Rover parts and are not E-marked.

See our other listings for the opposite side.

We also now sell these lights as a PAIR with RESISTORS pre fitted ready to fit to a 2005 -2009 model - see our other items.

Fitting Details

Open the tailgate - undo the 2 screws and lever the unit forward - see below video ( on a 2005 sport but the process is the same )

The second video shows how to fit the resistor on the 2005 models as part of 2010 upgrade.

How to Remove Rear Lights on Range Rover Sport - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

How to upgrade Range Rover Sport rear lights from 2005-09 to 2010 - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit Range Rover Sport models from 2005 to 2009 as part of an upgrade ( see notes above )

This item WILL fit Range Rover Sport models from 2010 onwards

These WILL NOT fit a Range Rover P38