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12v to 5v (3A) USB-C Plug Adapter Kit

Part number: EWL131-USB-C
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12v to 5v (3A) USB-C Male Adapter

This is for a 12v DC to 5v USB-C adapter kit.

This can be used to give you a USB-C plug in your vehicle.

This could be useful for the installation of dashcams etc.

Simply connect a 12v DC positive and negative feed to give you a female USB power port which outputs 5v (3A) max (15W max).

We recommend connecting this to an ignition live feed as if fitted to a battery live you could run the risk of flattening your battery if left for a few days.

Note: This unit has a 'high power' 3amp max output which is suitable for fast charging devices or running dashcam devices etc.

Be careful when considering your purchase options as other products may have a lower current of 1amp or 2.1amp.

We also sell this adapter kitted with a 'plug and play' power tap-in loom for Land Rover and Range Rover models - see our other listings.

This includes an inline blade fuse holder (fuse supplied).

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item is suitable for automotive applications with a 12v DC supply