RED Diadem Bulbs BAW15D/PR21W/5W - PAIR


Diadem Stop & Tail Bulbs (PAIR)

PR21W/5W - BAW15D

This listing is for 2x 'Diadem' Stop & Tail bulbs.

These bulbs appear a sort of chrome / silver / mirror blue / oil on water (it's hard to explain) colour when in the OFF state but when power is applied they shine RED!

These bulbs are PR21W/5W, BAW15D, Dual Function 12v bulbs that are 21w Brake and 5w tail.

Please note: These bulbs have rotated pins.

Osram (our previous supplier) are no longer making these bulbs and they are getting harder to get hold of.

We have managed to source these bulbs from another bulb manufacturer and have decided to sell them in pairs - replace both sides for matching brightness or keep one as a spare.

You will receive a pair of bulbs (x2).

These are aftermarket bulbs - they are not Osram or Land Rover branded bulbs.