Fuel Filler Cap Replacement Tether Strap for Jaguar XE


Replacement Fuel Filler Tether Strap

for Jaguar XE

This is a replacement tether strap for the fuel filler cap on the Jaguar XE.

As the straps are made from rubber they degrade and perish over time and eventually break.

Unfortunately the straps are not available separately from Jaguar, you have the buy the complete filler cap assembly (an unnecessary expense and contribution to landfill).

Important: We sourced some straps to sell but the quality was so bad we decided to make our own! Beware of inferior products on the market, the ones we had just came apart with a slight pull!

We have had these tooled up and developed the product properly.

These are made from two materials, a hard plastic ring and a soft rubber tether. Crucially, the 2 parts are joined robustly - unlike the ones we purchased!

These are easy to fit, simply gently lever the retaining ring from your fuel cap (be careful that the actual cap assembly doesn't fall out at this point).

You can then slip on the new strap, and click the retaining ring back in place.

This strap can be used on PETROL & DIESEL fuel caps.

The outer diameter of this strap is approximately 73mm

These are not genuine Jaguar parts.

Fitting Details
See below demo video:

Land Rover/Range Rover/Jaguar Filler Cap Strap Replacement - YouTube