DIY Drive Belt Kit for BMW Mini Cooper and One ( Tool + lock Pin )


DIY Drive Belt Tool Kit

to fit BMW Mini Cooper & One (2000 -2006)

This is a the tool kit you need to change the drive belt yourself on a BMW Mini Cooper and one ( NOT the cooper S )

The drive belt on these cars drives the water pump / alternator / Air Con compressor etc

This tool is the new improved design with a set of "teeth" to ensure perfect grip on the tensioner body.

This tool also has a rubber grip unlike other on the market which makes the tool easier to grip - especially when you have oily hands.

Changing the drive belt is not too hard a job as long as you have the parts you need.

We have developed this kit after working on our company Mini Cooper and we have even done the video below to show you how to do it yourself.

Save loads on main dealer costs and also have pride in the doing the job yourself.

It is often quicker to do it yourself as by the time you have driven to the dealer and back you could have had the job done.

So what do we have in this kit ?..

1) Lever tool - this is the tool you need to release the tension on the tensioner.

2) Lock tool - this is the locking pin tool that holds the tension off the belt so you can work easily to remove the old belt and fit a new one.

All you need to do is buy the drive belt and you are done ! ( note there are different length drive belts depending on you car spec - with or without air con etc )

Fitting Details

See below fitting video

How to change alternator belt on BMW Mini Cooper and one - YouTube

Video will open in a new window

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This tool kit can be used to change the drive belt on the following cars :-

R50 Mini "One" models from 2000 -2006

R52 Mini "Cooper" models from 2000 -2006

This will NOT fit the diesel models.

This will NOT fit the 2006 on models

This will NOT fit the Cooper S models