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Magnum+ Tyre Balancing Beads

5x 185g BAGS

This listing is 5x 185g bags of MAGNUM+ tyre balancing beads.

The MAGNUM+ beads claim to offer a time saving, hassle-free tyre balancing solution - no machines - no rebalancing.

Balance beads have been used by trucks and busses for year but are now being adopted in 4x4's as they work well with larger tyres.

You will need to check which size bag you require for your tyre - check via the online calculator on the Magnum balance website (see link in photos).

MAGNUM+ comes in pre-measured insert bags that you simply toss directly inside the tyre during fitting and mount the rim as normal.

When you're ready, inflate the tyre as normal - there's nothing else to do. No spinning, waiting, calibrating or weight fixing.

The whole process takes a fraction of the time as a traditional fixed weight balance.

As you drive, the bag will break open and set the beads free to do their job.

  • TPMS compatible.
  • No special valve core required.
  • Perfectly round and extremely smooth preventing them from disintegrating and causing any damage to the inner liner of the tyre.

Please refer to manufacturer website for more in-depth information on this product.

Note: These beads may not be compatible with tubed tyres or tyres that have noise cancelling or run flat elements within the tyre cavity - please check with the manufacturer before purchase.

See below video where we test these beads with our Suzuki Jimny:

Magnum+ Tyre Balancing Beads Test - YouTube

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