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Front Bumper End Cap fitting Kit x 4

for Classic Land Rover Defender

The 2 plastic end caps fitted to the end of the TD5 Bumper are held in with these plastic "fir tree" fixings.

These simply push in and the "barbs" keep the product in place.

You need 4 clips for each end cap - this listing is for 4 clips so that is enough to hold on 1 end cap.

You could cheat and use just the top visible fixing holes and some silicone to hold the end cap in place - in which case this kit of 4 will be all you need for both end caps !

We also sell the end caps and the new fixing bolt kit.

We also sell the bumper in a brushed and polished stainless steel.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting Details

Position the end cap on the bumper so that the holes in the bumper align with the holes in the end cap - then push these fixing through.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This will fit alll bumpers with the holes in the end for fitting the end caps.