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4 x LED Door Courtesy Light Assembly - Blue

for Land Rover Discovery 3 & 4

Upgrade the "welcome" lights in your Land Rover Discovery 3&4 from the standard tiny bulb type to these new LED array type.

These will give more light / a cool BLUE light and use less power than the old bulb type.

This is the whole light unit from the door card complete with circuit board / connector / LED's / plastic lens etc.

These are a straight "plug and play" swap for the standard units.

It is important to note that these units have been designed to "fade" like the original lights when you start the car like the original lights ( some LED versions cannot fade - they just flicker or go from ON to OFF )

These light come on when you unlock the car and help you see where you are stepping as you get into your Range Rover - they also provide light in the interior for a period after you have closed the doors.

No error messages will appear on the dash with these modules ( telling you a bulb has failed ) as there is a circuit added to ensure the car CANbus system does not see any change from the original light.

These often become faded and brittle and have been know to break when you are replacing the bulbs ( we broke one on our demo car when removing the lamp )

See below fitting video showing how to remove these lamps.

Please note this listing is for a set of 4 lamp assemblies ( so you can do all 4 doors ) - see our other listing to purchase as pairs.

We also have these available in White (please see other items).

We also sell a kit that includes these lights as well as footwell and boot lights.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

Fitting Details

See below fitting video

How to upgrade Range Rover L405 door courtesy light to LED - YouTube

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Which Vehicles will this fit ?

These lights will fit all Land Rover Discovery 3&4