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Cylinder Head Upgrade

Range Rover Classic 2500 VM Diesel

This listing is for a single complete Cylinder Head for the 2.5L Diesel Range Rover Classic

NOTE - this is the revised head ( as used on the Rover 825 ) with improved design between the valves BUT requires new "thread in" type injectors.

These are for the "VM" Engine that was originally fitted to the Range Rover Classic / Rover 825 / Jeep XJ etc

These is a brand new genuine VM cylinder head complete with valves / valve springs / manifold studs etc.

The VM engine is a 4 cylinder diesel engine and instead of the normal single cylinder head the VM engines have 4 individual cylinder heads - one for each cylinder.

There were 2 version of the VM Diesel

Early Type 2400cc / 2500cc - Injectors Held in with "Fork"

Late Type 2500cc - Injectors screw into the head

This is for the later type engine although they do fit the early engine but you will need to buy the different injector.

The early heads do suffer with cracks between the 2 valves - trust me we learnt this on our project Range Rover Classic !

These later cylinder heads appear to have a stronger metal insert between the valves to strengthen them in this area - so these may be a good upgrade.

This is fully assembled with valves and springs etc. ready to bolt on.

This item DOES NOT come with the injector, head bolts or a head gasket.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts.

These can be used as an alternative to Land Rover part numbers RTC6706 > STC652 > STC1347

This is not exchange - this is an outright purchase.

Fitting Details

Fitting video to come soon..

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This WILL fit the 2.5L Diesel Range Rover Classic with the later VM engine

This WILL NOT fit the 2.4L Diesel Range Rover Classic with the early VM engine