Yellow & White plastic wheel arch door moulding clips for Land Rover Freelander 1 - 10 pack


10 x Yellow & White 2 part "Popper clips"

fits Land Rover Freelander 1

These the small plastic clips that are used to fix the door cladding mouldings and other external trims in place on the Land Rover Freelander 1

This is a pack of 10 clips.

These are "popper" clips that pop together and often loose there grip after they have been snapped apart a few times.

There is no need to "snap" the clips apart when fitting them - as the "spear head" part self locates - so just fit the whole clip in the fitting for the white end and refit. ( make sure you have removed both parts of the old fixing )

These are not genuine Land Rover parts

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit Land Rover Freelander 1 models.