LEFT Door Handle Key Piece for Land Rover Discovery Sport - Firenze Red


LEFT Door Handle Key Piece in Firenze Red

for Land Rover Discovery Sport (2014 -on)

This listing is for a left-hand door handle key piece in Firenze Red for the Land Rover Discovery Sport (2014 -on).

This removable piece covers the lock barrel (which you may need to access to unlock your vehicle with the key if you have a flat battery etc).

It has a slot on the underside which you insert your key into to remove it and access the lock barrel.

As these are designed to be removable they can often go missing by getting knocked off / jet washing / stolen etc.

We have had these pre-painted in a variety body colours - so they are ready to fit.

It is important to note that the key piece will be located on either the left or right hand side of your vehicle depending on the year of manufacture.

We think that for UK, the early vehicles will have the key piece on the left (passenger side) before they changed to the right on the later vehicles (driver side).

This listing is for the LEFT side (UK passenger side or EU / USA driver side ) - please see our other listing to purchase the opposite side.

This part is pre-painted in Firenze Red - Land Rover paint code LRC868.

There are 2 types of door handle - 1 piece or 2 piece (2 piece were fitted to top of the range models i.e. Autobiography) - this item is suitable for vehicles with 1 piece handles (see photo).

These are not genuine Land Rover accessories.

Fitting Details

This is a complete replacement part that simply clips into place.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This WILL fit all of the Land Rover Discovery Sport models (including the 2020 facelift) with 1 piece handles
This is NOT suitable if you have 2 piece handles fitted (see photos)