3" LED Round Work Light


3" LED Round Work Light (3 watt)

This listing is for a single 3" LED round work/spot light.

This is a premium quality light unit and should not be compared with cheaper alternatives.

The build quality feels nice and robust in the hand, and weighs in at around 415g.

The diameter of the round lamp is around 85mm (including the housing).

The main body of the light is made from aluminium and finished in matt black.

The light is supplied with a stainless steel fitting kit including bracket to allow you to mount and swivel the light.

These can be used for all sorts of automotive applications - off-road, cars, trucks, pickups etc.

The lamp is illuminated by 4 super bright LEDs to create a powerful flood of light.

The lens is made from tough polycarbonate which doesn't crack like glass.

This lamp is e-marked E9 and is waterproof to IP67 standards.

Input voltage is 10-30 volts.

This lamp is incredibly bright and in most cases will not require a relay due to the 3 watt load.

"Robust and gives a useful spread of light"
Neil Watterson
Deputy Editor
Land Rover Owner International magazine