3x Cargo Track/Rails + 4x Tie-down loops - Narrow Type


3x Cargo Track Rails (Narrow Type - 30mm width)

Universal Fit

+ 4x Locking Tie-down Loops

These useful cargo tracks can be used to help retain the cargo in your vehicle.

Often you may not have enough cargo to fill the rear of your pickup and then you have the problem that as you drive your cargo decides to try and destroy itself by bouncing off the sides of your rear load area.

This problem is made worse if you have a plastic load liner that seems to make everything slide about with great ease.

These tracks can also be used for all sorts of other applications, not just pickups - inside of vans, sides of trailers etc.

We sell 2 types of these cargo tracks - Wide & Narrow - this listing is for the narrower type 30mm width.

This kit comes with:

  • 3x Aluminium cargo tracks (30mm width, 1100mm length)
  • 4x Locking tie-down loops

Each track is 1100mm long and 30mm wide.

The tracks simply screw into place in your preferred location: side, floor, roof etc.

There are countersunk screw holes located along the length of the track - you just need to provide your own screws ( countersunk ) to fix them to your vehicle.

The supplied tie-down loops are spring-loaded and slide to your preferred location and then lock into place.

Fitting Details

The tracks can be cut to size if needed and simply screw into your preferred position.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

Can be used for any suitable application: pickups, trailers, vans, cars, trucks etc