T10 AMBER Side Repeater Bulb 12v 5W (Pack of 10) E Mark approved


Pack of 10 x Amber Indicator Bulb

T10 Capless Wedge ( 501 ) 12V 5w (194 / 168)

This listing is for a Pack of 10 "Neolux" amber 5 Watt 12 Volt side repeater bulbs

These bulbs are fully road legal E Marked items.

We sell these as a pair but this listing is for a bulk pack of 10 which is better value as you are paying the same postage.

These bulbs are ideal if you want to fit clear side repeaters and currently have clear bulbs.

Also great if your orange bulbs have faded and you have failed the MOT - these are quality E Mark approved items that will pass the MOT.

Fitting Details

Push bulb into the socket.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This will fit any single filament T10 capless wedge application.

Bulb Specification Table

Part Number
Lens Material
T10 capless Wedge
Base Pin Configuration
As above
Lens Colour
AMBER - Coating
Base Diameter
10 mm ( see picture )
E Mark Approved
Operating voltage
12 Volts
Function 1 Power
Function 2 Power

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