Wheel Nut - Alloy wheel type - 20pc kit - for Land Rover Defender


20 x Wheel Nuts for Alloy Wheel ( with stainless steel cap )

for Land Rover Defender

Ideal if you are upgrading from steel wheel to alloy wheels or maybe just replacing damaged and rusty wheel nuts.

These wheel nuts are made from high strength steel and have a bright stainless steel end cap fitted to ensure they don't corrode.

The wheel nuts are different on Alloy wheels to those on the standard steel wheels - these are the type of nuts for alloy wheels !

These wheel nuts have a 27mm hex head so you need a 27mm wheel brace to fit / remove these.

The internal thread on these nuts is 16mm x 1.5mm pitch ( the same on all Defender models )

The load face is fitted with a washer that is free to spin but is crimped so that it cannot slide off the nut ( this washer ensures you can apply the maximum force on the wheels )

We also sell these as a kit fo 5 wheel nuts and a single wheel nut - see our other items.

These are not genuine Land Rover parts but can be used as an alternative to Land Rover part numbers RRD500560 ( previous part number ANR2763 )

These wheel nuts can be used as an upgrade to part number NRC7415 ( NRC7415 is the same shape etc but does not have the stainless steel cap )

These are not genuine Land Rover items.

Which Vehicles will this fit ?

This item WILL fit Land Rover Defender models with alloy wheels.

This item WILL NOT fit Land Rover Defender models with steel wheels.