Gear Selector Automatic - Black Piano - for Land Rover Discovery 3


"Black Piano" Gear Selector ( AUTO )

for Land Rover Discovery 3 (LR3) 2005 -2009

Replace the gear knob in your Land Rover Discovery 3 ( LR3 ) with this hand finished high gloss "black Piano" item.

This has been produced by us using a genuine gear knob which has been reworked by hand to create this bespoke item.

This will match the interior of your Discovery if you have the high gloss black finish - called "grand black lacquer" by Land Rover.

This will fit all Discovery 3 models with Automatic gear change.

To change simply put your car into neutral - turn the ignition off - then pull the gear knob sharply upwards.

This is a genuine Land Rover item that has been reworked by hand - these are not available in gloss black from Land Rover.


Original Part - Refund Option

This is not an exchange item so there is not a requirement for you to return your old part / panel back to us.

However, if you do not wish to keep your old part and send it to us within 28 days of your purchase, (you would need to pay the return postage cost), we will refund you an amount for your old part (the refund amount for this item is given below).  The part that you return must be a genuine Land Rover part.

If you do decide to return your original part, please ensure that your details are included inside the box, so that we know who is returning the item and retain proof of postage until refunded.

The amount refunded if the original part is returned is £45.

Fitting Instructions

Put the gear selector in Neutral.

Pull the gear knob directly upwards with a firm pull ( be careful that you don't hit yourself in the face as it takes a little force and then releases all of a sudden )

Fit the new item and push downwards.

This item WILL fit the Land Rover Discovery 3 ( in some markets this is called the LR3 ) - all models with a AUTOMATIC gear box.

This item WILL NOT fit the newer Discovery 4 models 2010 onwards ( see our other items if you are looking for this )

This item WILL NOT Fit the Manual vehicle.